Thursday, September 29, 2005

Microsoft CRM 3.0 with Dynamics Brand

On September 6-2005, Microsoft announced that their Microsoft Business Solutions products will be rebranded under "Dynamics" brand.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Screen Shots of Microsoft CRM 3.0

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Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft CRM3.0


Today while viewing the flash demo of Micorosoft CRM 3.0. I got to view the new functionality added with this release is Marketing Campaign Management. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

CRM is not just about managing sales and customers, but it is also about integrating communications and initiatives aimed at customers. Marketing is a key activity used to drive awareness, sales, and/or target information to key groups of customers.

Creat a Quick Campaign:

To help you more easily deliver targeted campaigns Microsoft CRM 3.0 have a variety of tools built into Microsoft CRM just for this purpose.

One such tool is what we call, Quick Campaigns. Quick Campaigns enable you to run targeted communications to groups or sets of customers based on criteria that you define. For example, you might have surplus inventory of a particular item – that you would like to move quickly before the end of the quarter.

Unlike a centrally planned and managed marketing campaign such as an advertisement – Quick Campaigns are designed to be more end user driven. So your sales reps could run these campaigns with their customers – quickly and also track the results.

You can also create your campaign with Camapaing Wizard- another tool to create quick campaigns.

There is alot a Spam Filter

Anti-spam features allow you to manage how you communicate with customers – and are rules that apply across the board. So in the case of Aaron Adams, he had already identified that he does not want to be on our mass e-mailings. And thus would not receive the bulk e-mail campaign that we just created.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Upgrade Microsoft CRM 1.2 to CRM 3.0


Microsoft just lanuch Upgrad Advisor (Upgrade Wizard) for easy upgrading Microsoft CRM 1.2 to new version as V3.0. Using this wizard ISV's, Customers easily can upgrade previous version to newly version.

You can download this wizard from
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