Friday, August 10, 2007

Ticket Management / Helpdesk System for MS CRM 3.0

Dear Readers,

I had successfully Implemented Ticket Management System / Helpdesk System for MS CRM in the state of California - US for public and private bases.

Using this system, Companies can implement their support system easily basis on MS CRM.

It is developed in ASP.Net 2.0 (C#). All things are based on only simple configurations.

Features are :

1- Create Tickets from web
2. Handle Tickets into MS CRM
3. Registration from web as well as MS CRM
4. Search Knowledgebase
5. View Tickets and its details
6. Helping Articles / Knowledgebase with Tickets
7. Email notifications on creation & updation on Tickets
8. Change Profile and profile management
9. Contacts & Accounts handling ( It all depends on company requirements)
10. Unlimited user can use this with single User license.
11. Easy to enhance and map on your business requirements
12. Alot more

If you are interested, write me an email and I can show you demo

Email address : ( you can chat on msn/gmail/skype with same id).


I was BUSY !!! (Singapore & Dubai)

Dear Readers,

Sorry for not posting anything as I was busy in Singapore & Dubai (UAE) regarding MS CRM & Sharepoint 2007 Implementation.

I am now little bit free and keep posting about MS CRM, Titan.

Hopefull we will have TITAN (CRM 4.0) soon and you will see alot posting regarding that.


Chat with me on MSN / GMAIL/ SKYPE :

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Real Estate / Construction Compay System in MS CRM 3.0

Dear Readers,

We had developed a real estate & construction system base on MS CRM 3.0.

It has following features.

1. Property Management
2. Property Units Handling
3. Inventory of Property
4. Images, demos / Screen shots of property
5. Rent Handling
6. Construction Planning
7. Resource Planning
8. Machine Planning
9. Finance / Accounts Management
10- Reports.

You can write an email on :