Friday, June 02, 2006

Asterisk Integration with Microsoft CRM 3.0

Hi Reader,

As i have done skype integration with MS CRM.. Now I am doing some more challenging work regarding Asterisk Integration with Microsoft CRM 3.0..

For Asterisk read

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Create / Delete Sharepoint Site in MS CRM

Hi All,

was very busy while doing some stuff regarding customization and other projects about MS CRM & Sharepoint.

I have done 2 major work with Sharepoint + Microsoft CRM 3.0.

Create site, while you add new user,contact, customer and upload some company documents for that.. its good experience.

Using that, Any company wants to create specific site for their customer, users, contacts etc and can share some documents with them.. Its great stuff.. Portal integration with Microsoft CRM 3.0..

On the fly creation / deletion of sites from CRM workflow.

If anybody wants similar thing, i can help.. mail me...

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