Thursday, June 23, 2016

Helpdesk / Ticket Management System for Dynamics CRM 2015/ 2016

We have built helpdesk / Ticket management system or Customer portal for Dynamics CRM.  It has many features.

CRM Component Features

1.    Customers are maintained in MS-CRM as Accounts and Contacts.

2.    Each customer (CRM Accounts) may be associated with product/ service. Multiple products can be associated with customer.

3.    Web portal is  designed for the customer that is defined in MS-CRM as contacts.

4.    For proper running of web portal, Products needs to be associated with subject.

5.    Each customer (account) will have at least one primary contact and other contacts (optional).

6.    Customer’s contacts, including account’s primary contact may be designated as “Support User”. This provides the contact with the privileges for product/ service case registration and tracking. This facility is accessible within MS-CRM and through web portal components.

7.    By default, account’s primary contact is support user.

8.    Support professional can view/ maintain case specific history through case communication customization/ notes.

9.    Through case communication customization, email to case owner is sent.

10. Support professional can view/maintain the user responses with attachments.

11. Support professional/ Client’s case specific communication is maintain through case notes.

12. By default, all records created are owned by system administrator.

13. CRM Component can run independently and in association with web portal component.

14. Sending email on forgot password

15. Sending email on case creation / updating

16. Email internal domain users & External users accounts

17. Sending email to parent account address for intimation

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