Thursday, December 22, 2005

CRM 3.0 Mobile

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See the mobile feature of Microsoft CRM 3.0 Dynamic CRM.


Friday, December 16, 2005


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The updated (December version) CRM 3.0 SDK is now also available on MSDN.



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Monday, December 12, 2005

Microsoft CRM Sandbox

Microsoft Community Site


Create a Microsoft CRM 3.0 Dashboard

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Creat your dashboard with share point portal server..

See the following link.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Microsoft CRM 3.0- Important Links

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In this post you will get usefull links about Microsoft CRM 3.0. All are in one.

Some links:

My Blog about CRM 3.0

Microsoft CRM Community Site

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Online Help

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Implementation Guide

Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK - Preliminary

Microsoft CRM 3.0 Customization Planning Forms

Upgrading Supported Microsoft CRM 1.2 Environments to Microsoft CRM 3.0

Upgrading Unsupported Microsoft CRM 1.2 Environments to Microsoft CRM 3.0

For Beta access
Specific questions related to the Installation, Configuration
and/or usage of CRM v3 should be addressed to the Early Access
newsgroup. For connection details see:

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CRM 3.0 is here

Hi CRM Users,

Microsoft posted the RTM (Released to Manufacturing) version of Microsoft CRM 3.0 to the MSDN subscriber downloads website! There are two discs of about 900 MB total.

This means that MSDN subscribers can download the Microsoft CRM 3.0 software and start using it in production environments. Of course we will download and install the RTM software ASAP.

Before you try to upgrade your 1.2 enviornments, please remember to run the CRM Upgrade Advisor first. This is a free utility from Microsoft that will identify any potential problems upgrading to CRM 3.0.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Microsoft CRM 3.0- Implementation Guide

Microsoft CRM 3.0- Implementation Guide

Microsoft Release the implementation guide for CRM 3.0. You can download from the following URL.

Download from

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Monday, October 24, 2005

What's New in Microsoft CRM 3.0

What's New in Microsoft CRM 3.0
In Microsoft CRM 3.0, it has some new features such as Service Scheduling and Marketing Automation. It also includes easy deployment and management. Beside new features and simplified deployment and management, it has many enhancements in key areas such as finding data, merging duplicate records, viewing all information about account or contact, easy customization of all entities.

Service scheduling

● Track availability of service resources such as staff, work schedules, and locations.
● Sophisticated scheduling engine manages booking of appointments, service availability, and
can be tuned to optimize scheduling to reduce costs and required resources.
● Integrated with entire Microsoft CRM system so that customer history, demographics, and
preferences can be considered as part of service scheduling, and service history can be used
for data for sales and marketing processes.

Marketing automation

● Plan, create and manage a marketing campaign, including return on investment evaluation.
● List management, including creation, import, and export.
● Connection with sales and service data.
● Campaign templates that are used to drive sales activities.

Improved deployment

● Setup checks the technical environment to ensure that appropriate settings and privileges are
inplace, prior to beginning setup.
● Easier deployment of Microsoft CRM client for Outlook.
● Streamlined deployment for Windows Small Business Server 2003.
● Support for moving from test and development environments to a production environment.
● New Microsoft Exchange integration architecture allows use of existing virus and spam
filteringsoftware, routing of user-to-user e-mail, and multiple Microsoft CRM systems within
one MicrosoftExchange environment.
● Security information is stored within Microsoft CRM, rather than in Active Directory,
simplifying setup and reporting, as well as improving system performance, scalability, and
● Support for running Microsoft CRM in a high-availability environment, with increased
diagnostic and maintenance functions, and ability to provide fault tolerance for each potential
point of failure.

Improved management

● Customization tools now available through one consistent Web interface.
● Enhanced support for VARs and ISVs.
● Support for customizing activities.
● Support for creating new objects.
● Enhanced functionality and extensibility in workflow.
● New secured database views to allow a variety of reporting tools.
● Enhanced form customization, including support for read-only fields, additional form events,
and embedded web pages.

Easier to use reports

● Improved reporting, including parameterized reports.
● Improved report customization, including the ability to modify reports in existing Microsoft
CRMcategories, create additional dynamic and static reports, schedule reports, and e-mail
report results.

Easier to find information

● Finding records is easier, including a more powerful quick find, and an easier to use and more
powerful advanced find, including grouping and time-based queries, and the ability to save
and reuse favorite queries.
● Providing a full view of a customer, such as viewing activities from within account and contact
records, including new filters to show only needed information.
● Providing a full view of an account, including the accounts sub-account and contact’s related
● Clearer view of the relationships between accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Easier to use

● Merge duplicate accounts, contacts, and leads.
● Enhanced user interface, including a new notes interface and improvements to the knowledge
● When leads are converted to accounts, contacts or opportunities, associated activities and
notes are included.

Easier to customize

● Additional customization, including adding entities.
● Improved report customization, including ability to modify reports in existing Microsoft CRM
categories, create additional dynamic and static reports, schedule reports, and e-mail report

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005

Microsoft CRM 3.0- Beta Release

Hi all Microsoft CRM Partners,

In this week microsoft announced Its beta version of microsoft crm next version 3.0 beta for partners.

As microsoft promised to release of beta of MS CRM 3.0 in Q4 of 2005. Now its time to get this verion.. Keep it mind, it is only for partners and General release will be in First quarter of 2006.

See partner beta on following page.

The CRM 3.0 Early Access Program will:

Provide partners with the ability to demonstrate the product to prospects to generate interest and momentum

Provide partners with the ability to do tests of the new version and build customizations for their customers that will migrate to the final release of CRM 3.0

Provide partners an opportunity to get familiar and ready to sell/implement Microsoft CRM 3.0 when it becomes generally available (GA) in the marketplace

For more read

Microsoft announces the next version of its CRM product, Microsoft CRM 3.0. Microsoft CRM 3.0 will provide a complete suite of powerful marketing, sales, and service capabilities, all with a familiar and consistent user experience based on Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.


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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

CRM Webservices

Microsoft CRM 3.0 -Webservices

CRM Webservices provides Access to all the Business Entities data (including custom entities and properties) . In Webservices you can Execute Business Operations (business logic and specialized operations) . There is Metadata Webservices to access the CRM Metadata.

See architecture etc.. on

For Customization and Data Retrieval.

  • Generate Webservices WSDL from customization
  • Reference CRM Web services in Visual Studio .NET
  • Setup Web service proxies
  • Use CRM Web services to Query data
  • Build complex Queries
  • Get CRM data into a Sharepoint site
  • Add requests to CRM from Sharepoint
  • Get Quotes owned by a user
  • Get Quote products
  • Get related data (customer, current and past cases, etc).

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Microsoft CRM 3.0 - Architecture Extensible

Microsoft CRM V3.0 overview
Focus on Office/Outlook as the design center for CRM
  • Focus on reducing time and cost in CRM deployments
  • Focus on a partner-based model for premise & hosted
  • Scale from small businesses to enterprise departments
  • Architecture of MS CRM 3.0

    See the full picture of MS CRM 3.0 Architecture- Introducing the CRM Web-services

    MS CRM 3.0 Includes:

    • Web services (SDK)
    • Managed Custom code plug in (Pre & Post Callouts)
    • Managed Workflow code plug in
    • Data Schema customization
    • UI customization
    • Form client side scripting

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    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Microsoft CRM 3.0 with Dynamics Brand

    On September 6-2005, Microsoft announced that their Microsoft Business Solutions products will be rebranded under "Dynamics" brand.

    Read In Q&A at microsoft

    I hope this will help alot ..

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    Screen Shots of Microsoft CRM 3.0

    Read the following link

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    Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft CRM3.0


    Today while viewing the flash demo of Micorosoft CRM 3.0. I got to view the new functionality added with this release is Marketing Campaign Management. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    CRM is not just about managing sales and customers, but it is also about integrating communications and initiatives aimed at customers. Marketing is a key activity used to drive awareness, sales, and/or target information to key groups of customers.

    Creat a Quick Campaign:

    To help you more easily deliver targeted campaigns Microsoft CRM 3.0 have a variety of tools built into Microsoft CRM just for this purpose.

    One such tool is what we call, Quick Campaigns. Quick Campaigns enable you to run targeted communications to groups or sets of customers based on criteria that you define. For example, you might have surplus inventory of a particular item – that you would like to move quickly before the end of the quarter.

    Unlike a centrally planned and managed marketing campaign such as an advertisement – Quick Campaigns are designed to be more end user driven. So your sales reps could run these campaigns with their customers – quickly and also track the results.

    You can also create your campaign with Camapaing Wizard- another tool to create quick campaigns.

    There is alot a Spam Filter

    Anti-spam features allow you to manage how you communicate with customers – and are rules that apply across the board. So in the case of Aaron Adams, he had already identified that he does not want to be on our mass e-mailings. And thus would not receive the bulk e-mail campaign that we just created.

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    Monday, September 26, 2005

    Upgrade Microsoft CRM 1.2 to CRM 3.0


    Microsoft just lanuch Upgrad Advisor (Upgrade Wizard) for easy upgrading Microsoft CRM 1.2 to new version as V3.0. Using this wizard ISV's, Customers easily can upgrade previous version to newly version.

    You can download this wizard from
    Click Here

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