Wednesday, October 05, 2005

CRM Webservices

Microsoft CRM 3.0 -Webservices

CRM Webservices provides Access to all the Business Entities data (including custom entities and properties) . In Webservices you can Execute Business Operations (business logic and specialized operations) . There is Metadata Webservices to access the CRM Metadata.

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For Customization and Data Retrieval.

  • Generate Webservices WSDL from customization
  • Reference CRM Web services in Visual Studio .NET
  • Setup Web service proxies
  • Use CRM Web services to Query data
  • Build complex Queries
  • Get CRM data into a Sharepoint site
  • Add requests to CRM from Sharepoint
  • Get Quotes owned by a user
  • Get Quote products
  • Get related data (customer, current and past cases, etc).

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