Saturday, January 28, 2006

Download Microsoft CRM 3.0 - trial version.

Microsoft CRM 3.0 90-day trial version available:-

Interested in checking out Microsoft CRM 3.0 but you're not ready to buy yet?
Download a fully-functional 90-day trial version of Microsoft CRM and test drive it for yourself!

Microsoft CRM 3.0 is available as a 90-day trial version in each language in which Microsoft CRM is available.

To use the 90-day trial, you will need the convertible trial keys available below.
To get the trial software, download it from this page or re-use Microsoft CRM 3.0 media with a trial key:
Microsoft CRM 3.0 Professional Edition Trial Key (100,000 CAL limit)WHY97-9KFTH-76M7Y-JTVC4-62B78
Microsoft CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition Trial Key (75 CAL limit)M2234-2PCBR-T9Y6R-KJG3V-Y7GRJ

Important: Users will not be warned of impending trial expiration, so be sure that you decide well before day 90 whether to convert to a commercial license. The 90-day trial limit cannot be extended.

It is very nice for you who could not purchase the Microsoft CRM 3.0 and should want to get into that...

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