Friday, January 26, 2007

Sharepoint with MS CRM 3.0


Many people wants to know the Sharepoint usage with MS CRM (Integration of Sharepoint Portal with Microsoft CRM 3.0). I would like to describe where you can use sharepoint portal with MS CRM for more effective usage of both. I have done following 3 components for Sharepoint & MS CRM.

1. Sharepoint Document Library with Microsoft CRM 3.0
2. Creating Sharepoint Dashboard in Microsoft CRM 3.0
3. Create / Delete Sharepoint site for customers / accounts from Microsoft CRM 3.0 workflow.

Many short components for Sharepoint, i have worked so far with MS CRM 3.0.

1. List web par of Sharepoint in MS CRM 3.0
2. Displaying MS CRM Business data in Sharepoint.
3. Sharepoint Portal for Document Management System (DMS)

simply i would like to say that with sharepoint portal & Microsoft CRM 3.0 integration a company can get alot benefits while developing new add-ons for such work. If anybody interested to do this, i have experienced and can do easily, just write me an email (