Monday, February 04, 2008

Steps to Check for Custom Applications Upgradation to MS CRM 4.0

Dear CRM developers,

I have written many applications and get requirement of upgradation to new version CRM 4.0, from bigning of this year, it was painful activity I was performing. Microsoft CRM Team should work for such things while new version release as it will be problamatic for every one and every time in future versions. Anyhow there are few things keep in mind while doing your upgradation of custom applications.

I have done upgradation of following things and done successfuly with passage of time.

1. Callouts / Pluggins (mostly work , but some time need to modify the dlls and Code

2. Reports (Custom reports need to modify most of the cases)

3. Javascript ( Normall Javascript code related to customization works fine , but some time like filters lookups, accessing CRM webservices in Javascript need to modify with new code. For more see CRM SDK or my upcoming posts related to Javascripts upgradation etc.

4. ASP.Net Application, As I have written many ASP.Net applications for customers , need to modify the code.

a. Remove your web reference and then add new one
Server Path/MSCRMServices/2007/CRMService.asmx

b. Your code should be migrated to VS 2005 / .Net 2.0

c. Check CRM new data types like double , CRM Money etc

5. Restart Async Service if you are attempt to do IIS restart (iisreset).

Above Points need to check regarding upgradation of your code.

6. .Net Assemblies for CRM Workflow. Also check your custom applications link to workflow (Workflow .net assemblies), some time you have to recompile and link that.

If you have any issues, let me know - might be with my experience you save your time. email me with your issue and screen shots (