Monday, June 23, 2008

Show Associated activities in IFRAME

Dear readers,

Go to "Settings" -> "Customizations" -> "Customize Entities" after this steps in CRM, we find the Contact card and we open this card. We select the "Forms and Views" in navigation bar at left and we clicked the Form.Where you want place the your activities screen you select the interested tab and click the "Add IFrame" button. A window will be opened;

1.set the Name "HistoryFrame",
2.set the URL "about:blank",
3.we check the "Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters",
4.we uncheck the "Restrict cross-frame scripting"

Here is code

function GetFrameSource(tabSet)
if (crmForm.ObjectId != null)
var oId = crmForm.ObjectId;
var oType = crmForm.ObjectTypeCode;
var security = crmFormSubmit.crmFormSubmitSecurity.value;
return "areas.aspx?oId=" + oId + "&oType=" + oType + "&security=" + security + "&tabSet=" + tabSet;
return "about:blank";
crmForm.all.IFRAME_HistoryFrame.src = GetFrameSource("areaActivityHistory");


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