Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CRM 2011 TreeView for Dependent Picklist

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  1. Having a TreeView form of data makes User to quickly browse through the TreeView and make selection more quickly.
  2. TreeView control allows user to select Top-Down as well as Bottom-Up.
  3. In Top-Down Picklists are set only to the node where User as selected from hierarchy.
  4. In Bottom-Up if user selects a node from TreeView all the its Parent Nodes are automatically set in Picklist.
  5. If required Picklists can be kept disabled to enforced only TreeView selection.
  6. Picklist Mapping Utility makes it very easy to configure Mappings between Picklists.
  7. Although Silverlight form currently allowing only 4 levels, there is no limit on Levels of TreeView hierarchy.

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