Saturday, March 18, 2006

Add extra Attributes of Account.....

Hi Guys,

I have been receiving a lot of emails and questions how you could add extra attributes when you convert a lead to an account or just how to map attributes in general. Below i typed out some steps to realize mappings in Microsoft CRM 3.0Entity Mapping by performing the following steps:
  • Select Settings, Customization, Customize Entities.
  • Choose an Entity to edit.
  • Click Relationships.
  • Locate the relationship between Entity1 and Entity2 (e.g. Lead and Account).
  • Edit that relationship.
  • Click Mappings.
  • Here you can choose for New, Remove or Generate Mappings.
  • Choose New.
  • From the Lead Attribute list on the left, select for example an Address Attribute you wish to map to Account .
  • On the Account Attribute list on the right, select the appropriate Address Attribute that matches the Lead Attribute.
  • Click OK .
  • Repeat steps 8 - 11 for each part of the address or any other Attribute that you need to map.
  • Save your changes.
  • Publish All Customizations.
  • Test it

Please feel free to contact me if any query...........