Monday, November 22, 2010

CRM2011 new Features

12 new and interesting MS Dynamics CRM 2011 features

Of all the new features that are supposed to be coming out with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (formerly CRM 5), here are 12 features that I am excited to take a look at and see if they are true:

1.The ability to create a query behind a lookup.
2.Placing a grid with child records on a parent form.
3.Autofilter sorting like with Microsoft Office Excel.
4.The ability to highlight and flag CRM records just like you can in Microsoft Outlook.
5.The new ribbon.
6.A reading pane to give you instant access to a record, just like in Microsoft Outlook.
7.The ability to create guidance and step-by-steb instructions for your users thru a business process.
8.Some pre-built realtime dashboards.
9.Out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint.
10.Field level security.
11.A tailored form experience.
12.The new marketplace for add-ins and solutions.

I hope it will help and we will add some more features.

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